Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mealbychef?

Mealbychef is a division of Cafe Amore Caterers and has been in business since 2002. Mealbychef offers freshly prepared meals on an affordable price, delivered to your home or office, ready to eat in minutes.

What is inspired Mealbychef?

Our busy lives make eating well on a daily basis increasingly hard and with a daily rotating menu, we prepared fresh meals conveniently available at an affordable price for everyone.

How much Mealbychef meal cost?

Prices for individual portions begin at $7.99.

Is Mealbychef subscription service?
No, Mealbychef requires no subscriptions or contracts of any kind. You can order as often as you want, whenever you want. You can just create an account for free and order whenever you want.

Do I get to choose my meals?
Yes! We update our menu weekly and we offer dozens of breakfast, lunch and dinner options for you to choose from.
Are tour meals frozen?

No, our meals are delivered fresh and never frozen. Our meals are specially packaged in refrigerated packs to keep your package cold during transit. When you get your box, simply unload and place your meals directly in the refrigerator. When you are ready for a meal, all you have to do is heat and eat.

Is there any cooking? Are your meals pre-portioned?

No, there is never any cooking with Melbychef. Our complete meals come ready to eat so you can enjoy at your own convenience. We take care of the shopping, cooking, and cleaning! What will you do with all of your newfound free time? All of our meals are pre-portioned and complete with nutritional information, heating instructions and a full ingredient list.

Who cooks the food?

At Mealbychef our culinary team is comprised of fine dining trained chefs, with a mix of both catering, nutrition and restaurant experience. Our team comes from many cultural backgrounds, allowing us to entice our customers with dishes from around the world.

Where can I find ingredients in each meal?

We include ingredients on our website for each meal we make. Simply click on the menu item photo for further detail and look for the "Ingredients" in each menu option.

Is there a minimum order for home delivery?

Minimum order of three meals is required for free home delivery within 10 miles of radius within NJ. 

Can I get delivery for less than three meals?

The minimum order required for home delivery is 3 meals. If you would like to order less than five meals, you can do so by ordering for pickup at any of our delivery locations.